Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dark Side of the Loom: With All Due Apologies to Roger Waters

I've been feeling a bit inspired today, and decided to try my hand at updating the lyrics of one my very favorite Pink Floyd songs-- "Us and Them"-- so it speaks a bit more strongly to the World Sheep Community. I hope you enjoy it!

Ewes and Rams

Ewes, and rams
And after all, we’re only simple ruminants
Me, and ewes
So many gals, it’s wrong-- how can I choose? Could you?

“Didn’t you hear, it’s now the time to shear?”
A rabble-rouser squealed.
“Listen my sons,” said the sheep, “find the fun…”
“There’s more beyond this field!”

Black or white
And who knows which is which, and who is right.
Up and down
Over the fence and on the ground.

“Forward,” he cried from the rear
But the flock shied.
And, in the meadow stayed
But the sheep with the smarts
Stole a truck to brighter parts
And left them all dismayed

Down and out
It can’t be helped, but there’s a lot of it about.
Wooled… without.
And who’ll deny, it’s what the spring is all about?

Up on the hill, they start to feel a chill
A meeting would decide.
For the will and the wool
And the want of three bags full
They jumped the fence
And hitched a ride

Do you think it might need a bit of a laser light show styled video? I may need to work on that.



Greg said...

Got yourself some fancy mushrooms, did you?

Ha ha...I KNEW this wouldn't be the totally dormant blog you anticipated it being. Ewe are Three Blogs Thorson, like it or not.

Shearadon said...

Sir, I'm afraid I have NO idea what you're talking about, you must have me confused with someone else.

And just because I MIGHT have gotten into some questionable clover does NOT mean the lyrics are any less well-meant. :)

Now who'll order the pizza while I put on "The Wall"?

crpitt said...

Dark side of the loom.

/shakes head

lol :)

Shearadon said...

Claire- This is what we sheep have to resort to-- cheap parody-- when there aren't enough sheep music artists properly representing our community in the public arena.

Also, this is going to be a SERIOUSLY big hit at the flock's annual Lolla-baa-looza.

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious, more so because I used to work as a picture framer at Joann's, the mega craft/fabric store. The dark side of the loom is those old ladies and their fabric, you don't want to get between a lady and her sale priced fabric, I'm serious, they don't mess around...lol.

Shearadon said...

Ed- I try not to even set foot in one of those places.

The last time I did, some old lady cudgeled me, dragged me into the back room, shaved off all my wool and then dumped me in the parking lot.

Craft supply stores are HELL.