Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Danger, Wool Robinson! Danger! Danger!

I thought it would be nice to support Ms. Pitt in her recent DoodleWeek endeavor. Given that she has helped resurrect my comics career again, I figured the very least I could do was participate in her doodling initiative by giving her the very best work I had to offer.

So here: I did this self-portrait-- eerily accurate, if I do say so myself!-- of me, showing off The Right Stuff in a space dream I was having just the other night. You might say it's because I knew DoodleWeek's Space Doodle Day was coming up that this image crept into my subconscious. But no. It was actually because I fell asleep in the Meadow while listening to my Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" album.

People count sheep to fall asleep, but what do sheep do? Listen to Floyd.

It's fact. Look it up.


crpitt said...

Ms.Pitt is very happy to see Shearadon.

She also wonders whether shearadon and Doodle Claire would ever meet up?

Shearadon said...

Well, if Doodle Claire is in the neighborhood of The Meadow, tell her to stop by! We'll start a rave! The flock needs a little livening up.

crpitt said...

Doodle Claire is more likely to chase you and then eat you.

Or at least shave you and leave you in the nude.


Shearadon said...

Ha!- like that hasn't happened before!

I say bring it on, Missy!

(Er, the second one. The first option is No-Go territory here in The Meadow. We are bred for our fashion sense, NOT our flavor.)

Thank you.

MYM said...

Excellent doodle! :)

Shearadon said...

Thank you, nice lady with the growth on her face which resembles a small child!

crpitt said...

lmao @ your response to drowsey!

I shall plan my visit to The Meadow :)

Shearadon said...

Claire- Excellent!

I'll let the rest of the flock know you're coming. We'll work on spelling your name out in the field, by way of a warm welcome.